Areas of Expertise


Face-to-face or on-line  services are available. You don’t have to have a serious emotional problem to seek the guidance and advice of a professional counselor and coach. The people who may benefit the most from this type of service are those who are looking to remove obstacles to success and emotional fulfillment. This usually involves working together with the therapist to identify behavior patterns that impair or impede growth and happiness. The process may take only a few sessions to resolve a specific problem or it may take longer if the problems are more serious or complex.

Emotional Wholeness

The concept of emotional wholeness stemmed from Dr. Horowitz work as a therapist. He treated many patients for mental illness, but had to refer those who had issues with substance abuse. He sought out training, education, and experience in the fields of both psychology and addiction, and learned how to properly assess and treat substance use problems in conjunction with the treatment of mental illness. This, for example, allows Dr. Smith to competently treat a person for depression, and treat that person’s addiction.

Behind the Mask Workshop

The workshop is an all day (9 hour) program that includes a series of experiential and didactic processes designed to help each person identify and uncover the “masks” that they portray to the world both outside and within.

My Approach

As a psychotherapist, professor, and author, Dr. Horowitz helps people empower themselves to a happier and healthier life. He has worked in the treatment of mental health and addiction problems for over twenty-five years. Because of his expertise he has been featured in articles by the local press and has authored several articles published in “Social Work Today” magazine. He has also authored the book “Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders: A Practitioner’s Guide.” Currently he is completing a book designed to help individuals achieve emotional fulfillment, peace, and success in life.

Clients who experience this approach report that their emotional distress is significantly reduced or eliminated within 1-3 sessions.  Traditional psychotherapy often takes a long time and requires the participant to re-live painful past experiences, which causes many to become frustrated and drop out of therapy or avoid it altogether. With RRT, clients report feeling immediate relief from troubling emotions and also report feeling a sense of peacefulness, calm, and increased energy.

Dr. Horowitz offers psychotherapy to individuals wishing to find relief from troubling emotions and behaviors that interfere in their ability to live a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. He states, “if you have tried traditional therapies and have been dissatisfied with the results or if you have been searching for solutions to recurring problems, I can help.”

Services provided for adults, adolescents, and children.  Sessions are approximately one hour, but intensive half-day sessions are available.